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Learn how to understand and read your Deeper Smart Sonar


Become an all-around Deeper pro - 4 hours online training (from home)

Suitable for all Deeper models (except Deeper start)

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What use is the best fishing technique if you are looking in the wrong spot?

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Use the full potential of your Deeper Sonar and capture images

If you thought the Deeper fish finder could only show you fish arches or edges, rejoice!

It is capable of so much more. Interpret Deeper Sonar images with confidence and learn

  • – How to find the best hotspots
  • – How to Interpret fish and structures correctly
  • – Which beamangle to use and when to use it for getting the best results
  • – How to find big fishes with the Deeper …

The amateur looks for fish arches. The professional finds hotspots.

More time for fishing

You will understand how the Deeper Smart Sonar works and how to read the Deeper images on your smartphone.

This will help you to identify good fishing spots and promising hotspots faster.

You’ll spend less time with the Deeper fish finder and more time with fishing.

Stop wasting time on dead spots.

Interpret Deeper Sonar images with confidence and identify hotspots you may have passed by before. You’ll always be one step ahead of other anglers.

Catch more fish

We know from experience that you can waste hours tinkering around with the Deeper Smart Sonar. Besides, much time is lost in the interpretation of the Deeper images.

If you want to fish, you should use your limited time on the water effectively.

As the saying goes – “time is fish.”

This fishing course will allow you to use your precious time on the water for more fishing.

In 4 hours, you will become an all-around deeper sonar pro, interpret the Deeper images correctly, and catch more fish.

The Latest

Who uses a live sonar, such as the Garmin Panoptics has a striking advantage on the water. You can see exactly where the fish is from the boat. Better yet, you don’t even have to drive around as much as other boat owners. We ask ourselves, can anglers from the shore this also?

We had this one idea and the result left us speechless… Using the Deeper as live sonar works – so you can target fish directly without spending minutes casting off the spot.

Watch our first video about it. Use the english Subtitles –  To find unter the setting icon *️⃣ of the video 

(p.s. We haven’t found the time to record it in English yet  🙏).



Catch More Fish - Knowing How To Use Your Deeper

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