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This is the associated blog of our German (web)site. Not all of our articles are already translated.

Fish finders are an expensive investment, and buying the wrong one will leave you frustrated.

Check out our sonar and fish finder reviews for important tips on purchase and usage.

It pays off to invest a little more time in getting well informed before buying, so that afterwards you can choose the best fish finder for your personal needs!

interpret images - identify hotspots - catch more fish

With this information, you will ultimately reach a new level of understanding your fish sonar. Most of the articles you can find here are taken out of our book “The Ultimate Fish Finder Guide.”

Our Ultimate Fish Finder Guides

Get to know your fish finder online in a way you would never have expected. You'll find hidden hotspots and interpret fish finder images with pinpoint accuracy. It will be like magic.

Navionics charts 🏆 Do they guarantee fishing success in the…

In the field of electronic navigation and hotspot search on the water, the Italian manufacturer Navionics is the best kn... Continue Reading

ᐅ Garmin Striker Vivid (Test: 4, 5, 7, 9 cv…

It is called model maintenance when an existing series is more or less extensively beefed up. This is currently the case... Continue Reading

ᐅ Lowrance fish finder sonar and chartplotter 🔊 How to…

Lowrance knows how to build up a brand-loyal fan base among sport fishermen like hardly any other fish finder manufactur... Continue Reading

ᐅ Raymarine fish finder sonar and chartplotter 🔊 How to…

Raymarine has for some time firmly in the market for depth finders and fish finders established. With the introducti... Continue Reading

ᐅ Garmin fish finder sonar and chartplotter 🔊 How to…

Garmin is an American-Swiss company founded in 1989 and headquartered in Olathe, Kansas and Schaffhausen, Switzerland. T... Continue Reading

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