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(Northern) Pike Fishing

Fishing tips based on science​

This is the associated blog of our German (web)site. Not all of our articles are already translated.

Here you can find out where the hotspots for pike fishing are located. To find the right hotspots, you firstly have to familiarize yourself with the northern pike itself

Afterwards you are going to look at pike fishing from a whole new point of view.

Futterneid-the Pikelure

If you are not only interested in the best pike bait or fishing tips, but what’s behind all this.

To fish for northern pike even more successfully, you should know:

  • At what time of year the pike consume which food.
  • When he prefers smaller prey – and when we should use bigger baits.
  • At what depth he dwells at what time of the year.
  • Where his prey migrates to in spring, summer, fall and winter.
  • How the pike hunts and how we should guide our lures to imitate its natural prey.

Most of the articles are taken from our book “Finding Fish – The Smart Way – The Pike.” You will deepen your knowledge long before bait and tackle advice becomes relevant. All true to our motto:

What use is the best fishing technique if you are looking in the wrong spot?

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