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"Finding Fish - The Smart Way"

Jan Pusch - Angelschule Nord, Germany

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Get 31 exclusive illustrations that show you how to catch more pike.

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Thousands of pike will help you.

That many pike were caught as part of the hundreds of scientific studies that inspired this book.

We have evaluated the results for you and converted them into simple rules.

So you catch more pike.​

Are you tired of arriving home empty-handed?

It’s not your fault. Pike are voracious predators. However, that’s not enough. First, you have to find them.

Learn when the pike is most like to lose its inhibitions and start feeding.

You don't just want to catch a pike? Do you want to catch one of the monsters?

If you are no longer satisfied with catching a pike by mere chance, then you must study this predator in minute detail.

Become a successful pike angler and learn tricks that even some of the “pros” don’t know yet.

You're a passionate pike angler?

You will love this book. You will gain a scientific understanding on how to best locate pike, regardless of the conditions, the weather or the season.

The book is a faithful companion — year after year.

Go Fishing With German Efficiency

The right spot

How many times have you been fishing for hours in the wrong spot?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a good idea of where to find pike before you head to the water? In several scenarios, we have drawn the best hotspots directly into different water maps.

That should give you a pretty accurate idea of where and how deep the pike should stay in your respective water body.

With these tips, you will save a lot of time and catch more pike.

pike hunts and feed on underwater humps and Plateuas next to the shore, 2-3 m oder 6-9 ft
Pike above vegetation with white fish as prey

Pike Chapter 6.37 – Pike above the vegetation with roaches as prey

The right timing

How much more could you fish if you knew when the pike are biting?

Pike hunt mainly during the day. Different environmental conditions might cause their biting behaviour to fluctuate from month to month and from water body to water body.

We have summarized the relationships between environmental influences and the biting behaviour of pike.

Sun, wind, air pressure, currents, water turbidity, oxygen, water temperature, and more—everything is included!

You will learn to be in the right place at the right time.

The right bait

Are you luring the pike well enough?

Many studies on pike deal exclusively with the prey and eating behaviour of this predator.

It has been proven that weather conditions, seasons and the prey itself have an enormous influence on the final attack of the pike.

We’ll show you how to recognize the best opportunities and persuade more pike to bite.

Wir zeigen dir wie du die beste Gelegenheit erkennst und so mehr Hechte zum Anbiss überredest.

With the right bait and a good fishing strategy, you’ll catch more pike.

Pike Chapter 4.11- The hunting and attack distance of the pike depends on the prey.

(64 customer reviews)

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