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Deeper Sonar How-To’s

How to use Castable Fish Finders (Sonars)

Castable fish finders like the Deeper Sonar have turned fishing from shore, kayak, or belly boat on its head. They offer us anglers a unique opportunity to explore our waters in a level of detail we would never have expected.

They allow us to reveal previously hidden hotspots and keep us a step ahead of other anglers.

We will show you what’s essential when buying a castable fish finder and how to use it. You will learn how to interpret sonar images and identify hotspots with confidence.

They shed a whole new light on fishing. Look at fishing from a whole new point of view.

We gathered and compiled information from our various experience about Fish Finders, which has been entirely unknown to most anglers.

With this information, you will ultimately reach a new level of fishing. Most of the articles are taken from our book “The Ultimate Deeper Guide.”

Our articles deepen your knowledge long before bait and tackle advice becomes relevant. All true to our motto:

What use is the best fishing technique if you are looking in the wrong spot?

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