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Deeper first created a whole new fish finder category with its mobile smart sonars – and then set a new standard for castable fish finders with the Deeper Chirp Plus. And now here’s already the upgrade to the first chirp-enabled mobile fish sonar.

The questions we immediately asked ourselves were,

  1. What the Deeper CHIRP Plus 2 really is capable of?
  2. And most importantly, what it can do better than its predecessor, the Deeper Chirp Plus?

To get the answers to these questions, we simply requested the information directly from the manufacturer of the Deeper fishfinders. Of course, we skipped the pure marketing part: Because it’s obvious that new products are always advertised in the best possible way.

We were more interested in the technical improvements, as well as for which applications the Deeper CHIRP Plus 2 is now better suited. The result of our research you can read in this article “Everything you need to know about the new mobile fish finder from Deeper UAB – the Deeper Chirp Plus 2!”.

The highlights of the Deeper Chirp Plus 2

The overview of the new Deeper Chirp Plus 2 - and its main characteristics.

3 transmitting cones

Back to the table of contents The Deeper CHIRP+ 2 has not less than 3 transmission cones.
  1. The narrowest has an opening angle of ,
  2. the intermediate one 20°
  3. and the widest comes with 47°.
You can switch back and forth between the 3 angles easily with one click through the Fish Deeper app. This allows the Deeper CHIRP 2 to be used target-oriented in all possible constellations on the water.

3 frequencies

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Each of the 3 transmission cones in turn has its own assigned frequency band.

  1. With the narrow one (7°), a high frequency of 675 kHz is used.
  2. If the intermediate one (20°) is choosen, a frequency of 240 kHz is emitted.
  3. If you want to scan the fished waters to the maximum, use the wide one (47°), transmitting at a low frequency of 100 kHz.

The Deeper CHIRP 2 is not called CHIRP for nothing. This means that not a single frequency is used with the respective setting, but a frequency band. A brief explanation: The intermediate transmission cone does not transmit at a frequency of 240 kHz, but from 230-240 kHz, for example. The exact range of each frequency band remains a business secret.

The battery - energy without end

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Formerly longer battery life directly used to mean greater weight. But technology is constantly improving. And what we see with every new smartphone generation, is now also available in the Deeper CHIRP Plus 2. The built-in fish finder battery increases the weight by only 2 g, but the capacity at the same time by a whooping 37%!

This leads to a runtime of up to 15 hours. But beware: Here the marketing has struck. You will only reach this limit, if you don’t turn on the GPS. If you want to create a map of the fishing spot, while using the Deeper – like we for example normally do – the battery won´t  last that long, but you will still achieve an incredible runtime of about 9 hours. That should be enough for most fishing trips. Because we at least have to coordinate with the government at home, if it should be longer than 5 – 6 hours on the water.

So 9 hours of runtime (at full function) are already quite convincing. In addition, the mobile fish finder probably lasts longer than your smartphone, which is indispensable required. Furthermore once empty, the battery is fully charged again in just under 2 hours.

The WiFi module - and its range

The Deeper Chirp+ 2 has an (almost) incredible runtime of 9 -15 hours on the water (depending on whether you use the GPS or not).

If you’re new to mobile and castable fish finders, it’s probably enough for you to know whether you need to connect to the Deeper via Bluetooth or WiFi. But for practical use, a stable connection between the Deeper and your smartphone is extremely important, because repeated interruptions of the connection do increase the frustration level rather significantly. And we know what we’re talking about, since we spent hours on the water with all kinds of Deeper models for our Deeper online training.

The new WiFi mode in the Deeper CHIRP 2 is fortunately very powerful. It further consumes much less energy and therefore relieves the battery. In addition, the range increases to 120 m (or 394 ft). Whether a stable connection can always be guaranteed up to this distance, I dare to doubt. However only a few anglers will really use the maximum range to the full. Therefore, it can be firmly assumed that at the usual distance of up to 50 m (165 ft) from one’s own position at the water’s edge, connection interruptions will hardly – or at least rather rarely – occur.

The processor

The processor of the Deeper Chirp Plus 2 - small but mighty!

Well, the processor is hardly mentioned in the general product description – but is of course enormously exciting for us technology lovers. For the Deeper CHIRP Plus 2, an ARM Cortex M7 processor is used. This contains the built-in WiFi module and can thus control it optimally. Through a sleep function, this processor generation can extremely efficiently manage the consumed energy. And this is exactly what results in the long battery runtime.

Compared to other processors, the ARM Cortex M7 has a TCM memory (Tightly Coupled Memory) that sits so close to the processor that information can be processed mega fast. While many smartphones and computers have a cache memory, where information is passed back and forth (and wastes a lot of time along the way), the big advantage of a TCM memory is that the processor can access the memory directly for every computing step.

This allows for real-time computational tasks, which in the case of the Deeper CHIRP Plus 2 are used to analyze and interpret the sonar images. This not only ensures crystal clear and crisp images, at the same time unnecessary noise is nipped in the bud. This allows you to interpret the images from your fish finder even more accurately.

For which applications is the Deeper Chirp Plus 2 recommendable?

In the following sections we will give you an overview about the advantages of the new Deeper Chirp Plus 2.

Particularly suitable for carp anglers

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Due to the incredible range of the new Deeper CHIRP+ 2, it is particularly suitable for the use in combination with a feeding boat. While for many anglers who cast their mounts and bait from the shore, the casting distance is limited to 30 – 60 m, feeding boat users can benefit from its full range. In other words, they can theoretically scan and record an area of approximately 3,000 – 4,000 sqm from any given location.

The almost unbelievable area of water you can scan with the Deeper Chirp+ 2. And you can do it from the comfort of your shore location.

For those who want to map their fishing grounds

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If you want to get to know your home waters to the smallest detail, then you should get the Deeper CHIRP Plus 2 in any case. Due to the long battery life, you have enough time to make times so right track – without having to fear that you run out of juice. We ourselves are friends of separating fishing from hotspot searching.

In our Deeper online course in over 4 hours we go into detail how to use your Deeper optimally to detect hidden hotspots. This way you will be a big step ahead of other anglers.

Especially in cramped conditions - such as on a belly boat or fishing kayak - the use of the Deeper Chirp Plus 2 is ideal.

For the rowing and belly boat or fishing kayaks

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You have limited space at your disposal – for example on a belly boat or fishing kayak? Then you should definitely consider the Deeper CHIRP+ 2. The newest member of the Deeper family will never leave you alone on the water without power. Especially in cramped conditions, the technology has to run flawlessly.

Just imagine trying to recharge an older Deeper model with a powerbank on a kayak. Not a very pleasant idea? Exactly! In this case it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of the long battery life.

How far does the Deeper CHIRP+ 2 reach into the water?

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How deep you can scan the water with the Deeper CHIRP+ 2 depends mainly on the frequency used. Generally, the manufacturer indicates a scanning depth of 100 m (328 ft). However, this can only be reliably achieved with the lowest frequency, i.e. with the wide sonar beam or beam angle. This is due to the fact that it has a longer wavelength than the other two frequency settings and therefore reaches deeper into the water.

Is the price of the Deeper Chirp+ 2 justified?


The price (of around 300 €) is justified by your budget and by the field of application. If you don’t necessarily need the latest processing power or a long battery life, you won’t take full advantage of the Deeper CHIRP plus 2 or hardly notice it.

  1. Is the Deeper CHIRP+ 2 too expensive? No, it definitely is not.
  2. Is the Deeper CHIRP+ 2 suitable for every angler? No, it is not either.

The question of whether the price is justified, you must therefore answer for yourself. Is it within your fishing budget – and will you make use of its benefits and features? Yes? In that case, the new Deeper Smart Sonar is an absolute purchase recommendation from our side!

Plus, if the worst comes to the worst, there’s always the 30-day money-back guarantee – although that’s not enough. If you buy a Deeper during the Christmas season or get one as a gift, you can sometimes only really test it months later. Deeper therefore advertises that if you buy a Deeper CHIRP+ 2 in November or December, you get an extended right of return until the end of the following year. That’s quite a deal, isn’t it?

Conclusion: The Deeper Chirp+ 2 mobile fish finder

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The Deeper CHIRP+ 2 is just right for all anglers who

  • always want to be on the cutting edge of technology
  • or can take full advantage of the long battery life and the new processor.

Of course, if your budget allows it and you like to buy new toys (for grown up boys), you can go for it as well. A purchase recommendation from our side is the mobile fish finder in any case – if the requirements for the purchase are given on your side.

Technical specifications

MaterialThe Deeper Chirp+ 2 is made of very robust ABS material and furthermore has stainless titanium inserts.
CompatibilityCompatible with all iPhones with at least iOS 12.0 and Android smartphones from version 6.0 (Marshmallow from 2015) on.
Target separation1 cm (0,4 in) for narrow and 2.4 cm (0,94 in) for medium and wide sonar beam.
Beam angle and frequenciesNarrow sonar beam 7° (675 kHz), medium 20° (240 kHz) and wide 47° (100 kHz).
Battery life (with GPS enabled)Up to 15 hours (9 hours with GPS use).
Ejection rangeUp to 100 m. In practice, of course, this depends on undisturbed reception.
Scanning depth under waterDeeper does write from 15 cm up to 100 m. Which frequencies support which depth, however, remains hidden from us.
Ping rate (number of emitted echoes)Up to 15 pings per second.
Temperature displayYes, available.
GPS (supported satellite systems)GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS.
Fast charging systemYes. With an 80% charge in 1 hour - or 100% in 110 minutes.
Especially suitable forFishing kayak, belly boat, ice fishing, as a castable fish finder for boat anglers, shore and carp fishing.
Weight92 g

If after reading this review you are still unsure which Deeper model you would prefer, you can read about our experiences with the Deeper Pro+, as well as the Deeper Chirp+ here. This brings us to the end of our detailed guide on what the new Deeper Chirp+ 2 mobile fish finder is capable of. If you have any questions, additions or comments, then hit the keys – we are looking forward to your feedback! Martin and Jens. Or, if you want to read more fish finder reviews, have a look at our detailed fish finder test (including the most popular fish finder models of all major manufacturers like Garmin, Raymarine or Lowrance).

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